Want Your Kids to be Smart with Money?

Help your family learn healthy financial habits with FamZoo, an online virtual family bank that helps busy parents teach their kids good money habits with minimal hassle through hands-on practice. Online membership is FREE to all CWA clients.

FamZoo’s private family “banking” system is designed to help you teach your kids to earn, save, spend, and give money wisely in a safe, friendly environment. You’re the “banker,” and your kids are the “customers.”

The FamZoo smart phone and website tool is perfect for:

  • keeping kids (and parents) on budget,
  • tracking chores and odd jobs,
  • managing your child’s allowance,
  • helping kids to learn to save and give wisely.

Choose the solutions that’s best for your family.

Prepaid Card Accounts

IOU Accounts

Help your kids learn to save wisely, serve your community and help others with FamZoo’s online virtual family bank. Sign up for free now!

NOTE: CWA clients are not required to use FamZoo.  Please contact your CWA advisor for more information.

Check out this Intro to FamZoo Quick Tour video below:

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