Financial Planning Process

One of the first things we are asked is, “Where will you put my money?”

Your individual investment plan is designed to integrate and align with the financial goals you establish for you and your family. The asset allocation for your plan considers your personal risk tolerance as well as the level of risk against your financial goals. Modifications are made to your investment plan as required on a periodic basis. Our holistic approach integrates your investment strategy and personal goals.



Financial Goals

Investment goals vary depending on your stage in life. We create a comprehensive financial plan based on your financial position today, your future financial goals and your risk tolerance along the way.

Investment Audit

We will complete an extensive review of your current investments. We look at your current portfolio, the asset allocations and how well it lines up with your goals and the amount of risk that you are comfortable with. We will provide suggestions based on your investment goals.

Risk Assessment

We also will assess your risk tolerance. We can review information like how your proposed portfolio would have fared through various past market events. We can also asses the risk and reward profile for each individual investment we propose for your portfolio, working together to determine risk levels and expected outcomes that you are comfortable with.


Education Planning

The cost of education and level of student debt is reaching historic heights. Families need to know their options for planning for college tuitions. Considering the student’s college and career goals, we can help you plan and suggest tools to potentially reduce tuition costs.

Retirement Income Planning

You work hard to prepare for a comfortable retirement. We help ensure that you can make those savings last. We evaluate your retirement income needs and create a personalized distribution strategy. We work with you during your retirement years, constantly monitoring and making needed adjustments to your financial plan.

Insurance Solutions

Choosing to protect the individuals and businesses you value is the most unselfish choice you can make. We perform an extensive review of your current insurance coverage and policies. We specialize in providing solutions based on your individual protection needs.  Some insurance solutions my include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Annuities

Estate Planning

We will review and analyze your current estate plan, or your need for one, and help you determine the best possible way to transfer your assets.


Asset Management

Only after we’ve established your financial goals, risk tolerance and your financial plan is in good shape, will we begin to implement your plan. Our goal is to allocate assets based on an investment strategy customized for you that aims to balance risk and reward. We incorporate tax-aware investments and emphasize long-term strategies to significantly increase the overall value of your portfolio.  And as independent advisors, we can offer solutions with objective performance and fee reviews.
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